MyCERT PCAP Analyzer

We have released our MyCERT PCAP Analyzer (MyPCAPAnalyzer) to public. Basically, it is initially based on Suricata and Emerging Threat rules. You can give feedback for further improvement. Have fun. Example pictures as per below: Reference: MyPCAPAnalyzer

NanoSec x Wargames.MY CTF Write Up

Briefly, this is a simple write up for what was happening during the CTF games. Been participated in the event to just have an enjoy weekend time even though busy with family and celebrating my birthday anniversary.   Cryptography : warming up 1 Question: jztl{y0y_f0_3nfl} Answer: wmgy{l0l_s0_3asy} Explaination: Use ROT13 to answer.   Cryptography : warming up […]

TOR Based APK Trojan

Several security firms recently discovered TOR based malware on android platform. As we received the sample, we make some quick analysis on it.

The sample has been reported to have C&C capability which is using unusual top level domain name (.onion). This TLD is usually used by TOR. The use of Orbot TOR Client on this […]

Maybank Phishkit Analysis

Just couple of days ago, we discovered a certain Maybank Phishing kit that limits access to only IP address from Malaysia. The phishing kit is hosted in a server in the US. This is basically done via the .htaccess file.

There is about 300 network addresses listed in the  .htaccess file and makes other  […]

No endstream, no endobj, no worries

In analyzing malicious PDF documents, being able to understand the format of its object structure is definitely useful. In order to look for malicious content inside the file, we might need to go through some of the process that’ll include interpreting the PDF object structure. The PDF object is enclosed with “obj” and “endobj”. Between […]

LNK (Windows File Shortcut) Parser

CVE-2010-2568 will need to have a LNK file with a malicious dll to cause harm. Feeling the urgency of parsing the LNK file to trace any present dll, we modified a small portion of the code from metasploit’s project to make it run independently from the metasploit framework. The original code is here. The main […]