MyX1: SSDT Detector and Remover

MyCERT has developed a tool to detect and restore changed address of API made by rootkit. MyX1 SSDT Detector and Remover is a part of our  Malware Tracking project.

Figure 1: Screenshot showing  MyX1 SSDT

The application relies on two  two (2) files will be use upon execution:

1. ssdt.sys is used to list all available SSDT on current operating system.
2. ssdtdetector_remover.exe used to display result list of SSDT and hooked SSDT. There is an option to save to log file for the analyst.

This small tool can display list of current installed driver and restore changed SSDT address. For MyX1 Malware Tracking project, the ssdt.sys will be used to monitor SSDT changes from kernel level and produce log file for analysis.

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