Microsoft DirectShow msvidctl.dll 0day

Another 0-day was released in-the-wild targeting Microsoft Internet Explorer. The bug is inside msvidctl.dll when working with media file (*.gif have been used in the wild exploitation). Below is the in-the-wild exploit analyzed by us (we modified the shellcode to %uxcccc). Figure 1.0 showed the exception handler is executed and will pointing to our jump […]

Conficker.C and DNS

We have been working to track conficker’s dns queries in order to ¬†identify infected machines/network with conficker.c. Tracking a 50K DNS names and 500++ queries from each conficker is a bit troublesome when u have to record all the DNS queries (200M records/day) and compare it with 50K/day conficker.c domain names.:). The main idea of […]

Automated Unpacking Conficker Worm Variant B

The infamous worm, Conficker, which surfaces in 21 November 2009 and is set to time-bomb on 1 April 2009, was literally over the media. Although studying its malware source code is the best way to fully understanding its features and impacts, unfortunately getting the source code to study sometimes are impossible. There is still has […]