Dionaea: Malwr Module

We have noticed the following tweet from malwr:

As we use Dionaea Honeypot as our sensors, we decided to make it easy for our analyst to work with.  So, we have created a module to automate the malware submission to malwr.

The following code is for malwr module and step-by-step installation.

Create file modules/python/scripts/malwr.py with the following code

Available on gist

Open file modules/python/scripts/ihandler.py and find the following code:

Then Add this code:

and it should looks like the following:

Open file conf/dionaea.conf and find following code:

Add malwr configuration after the above code and it will look like below:

within same file as above, find following code

add “malwr” after “logsql” and it will look like below, and save 😀

One thought on “Dionaea: Malwr Module

  1. Fikri Fadzil says:

    This is interesting. Thanks.

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