From Adobe Reader exploit to Foxit Reader exploit

Today, Gallus received a PDF sample submission with md5 hash 37b98d28762ceeaa5146e2e0fc0a3fdd. Marked as malicious, I was compelled to investigate further on this sample after looking at the potential malware URL produced by Gallus report.

The PDF sample contains URLDownloadToFile payload that points to hxxp://77.x.y.Z/webmail/inc/web/load.php?stat=3DWindows. Traversing the URL at hxxp://77.x.y.Z/webmail/inc/web/, I managed to retrieve the HTML code containing the JavaScript code plus another source of (suspected) malicious PDF link.

From the snippet  above, it is obvious to see the <embed> tag contains a URL path to a PDF file. As a result of that, I managed to get another PDF sample, two.pdf, from the previous PDF sample. Submitting to Gallus however returns benign status, thus forcing me to analyze manually.

Looking at the content of the second PDF sample collected, I figured out that it tries to exploit the vulnerability of Foxit Reader 3.0 by using the “Open/Execute a file” action. The payload for that exploit tries to download malware from hxxp:// which already down at the time I tried to access.

Currently, Gallus does not support the detection of /Launch exploit yet. The updates will come real soon.

Please stay tune and fire us your feedback!

Credit: Mahmud

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