Evolution of Phishing Website

Take a look at the following phishing website:

Just another phishing website? Think again.. Take a look at the page source

body {
	background-image: url(bg02.jpg);
	background-repeat: no-repeat;

The phisher is using image instead of HTML. And YES, this technique can bypass DontPhishMe. I’ve worked on new method to solve this problem and now, DontPhishMe v0.3.1 are able to detect this type of phishing website

One thought on “Evolution of Phishing Website

  1. puja says:

    thanks to cybersecurity mesia that develop a good blog about ict.
    br la saya tahu yg website mcm ni pn boleh kena phishing gak. org yg suka buat phishing ni akan sentiasa buat cr baru supaya org awam leh terkena bahana sipenipu intenet ni kan? anyway saya nk tahu apa jenis website yg selalu kena phishing ni? adakah sama ngn category fraud?tq

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