MyKotakPasir: Solved major problem during automated analysis.

MyKotakPasir 2 is a malware sandbox developed by Malware Research Center at MyCERT. A lot of  improvements have been introduced since the first version. For instance, in the previous version, 2 different programming languages, namely Python and VB, were used to handle analysis work.

Due to some teething problems with Python,  I have changed everything to  Visual Basic to make it more consistent.  This also means that  the analysis  is done by single process which is much stable and faster *.

Here’s a screenshot.

MyKotakPasir 2 in isolated environment

Major changes made:

+ Remove python script
+ Add anti-termination on mykotakpasir core engine.
+ All reports and database contact made by core engine.
+ Code optimization save almost 50% times during analyzing process.
+ Revert to clean snapshot now made by core engine.
+ Multi OS platform supported (previously only on Linux) that running VirtualBox.
+ Change parameter line for start/revert snapshot to new Oracle VirtualBox.
+ New web interface.

Other new features will be available on next update.

3 thoughts on “MyKotakPasir: Solved major problem during automated analysis.

  1. alif says:

    where can’t i download my kotaak pasir??

  2. adnan says:

    kotak pasir is not a tool for download, however, we still provide the service for using the tool for free.

    you can use it here :

  3. ali says:

    okk thanx

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